About Us

The Barrington Fencing Club (BFC) is an Illinois Not For Profit Corporation organized for the purpose of promoting the Olympic sport of fencing.  We meet on a weekly basis to practice and improve technique.

Background – The BFC was formed in 2004, and is a member club of the United States Fencing Association (USFA), the US organization that organizes sanctioned fencing tournaments, promulgates rules, and selects fencers for the United States Olympic Team.

Safety – Fencing is a safe sport.  Like all members clubs of the USFA, BFC rules require that its members wear appropriate protective equipment (mask, glove, jacket) during all practice bouting.  All BFC members must be also be members of the USFA.

Liability/Insurance – The BFC maintains a club insurance policy through the USFA’s insurance program, providing $2 million in liability insurance coverage.

Equipment – Members of the BFC are expected to provide their own equipment, and all members fence using their own equipment.  Note that we have an innovative instruction program in which beginning fencers pay for their own equipment used in their lessons that they get to keep as of the first class.  Due to club pricing available, this allows the BFC to offer beginner lessons (which includes beginner equipment) at a price that is not much more than “regular” lessons with rented equipment.

BFC Leadership – Includes Brian Smith, Rebecca Tulloch, Bob Hodill, and Mark Weindling – all of whom provide guidance to our new members.

Members – While most BFC Members are relatively new to fencing, we have fencers of all skill levels who regularly attend our sessions – from former college fencing coaches to rank beginners.

Sessions – Our regular Tuesday sessions typically feature the fencers being divided up into two groups – Novice Fencers who practice and receive instruction from our volunteer instructors from 7:00-8:00 PM, and our more accomplished fencers who bout with each other and share pointers from 7:00-9:30 PM.

2023 Schedule – No Fencing Nights
During 2023 we will NOT be fencing on the following nights, due to scheduling conflicts with St. Michael’s (subject to change):

  • April 4

While most of our practice bouts are fenced “dry” (non-electric), the BFC owns electric fencing equipment.  Our fencers can now take advantage of our electric scoring systems to get “competition ready.”